10 Smart Things You Can Do for $30 to Improve Your Life 30 dollars

can make a huge difference if you use it wisely.

1. Run a Saving Challenge

  1. Close your eyes and randomly pick any cell.
  2. What value does it show? 1, 5, perhaps 25? Put that much money into your moneybox.
  3. Play the same game daily!

2. Form Your Subscription Package

  • Bookmate mobile reading app with lots of books — $8.99/monthly
  • Journal articles subscription — $5/monthly
  • Grammarly — $11.66/monthly

3. Open Savings Account With Compound Interest

4. Get a Planner

5. Buy Crypto

  • Money can make money independently from you.
  • You’ll develop a habit to “pay yourself first” before spending money elsewhere.
  • You will get some knowledge about cryptocurrency.

6. Start a Website

7. Check Career Talks From People Who Achieved What You Aim to Reach

8. Buy a Book

9. Help Yourself Live a Longer Life

10. Give to Charity

Final Thoughts



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